Titleist is the choice of equipment on the PGA Tour

Titleist has been the #1 choice of golf balls on the PGA Tour for a long time.  We knew that.

But don’t forget their irons, wedges and putters also!

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It is true that manufacturers pay most Tour Players to use their equipment but Tour Players also know that they need equipment that performs in order to win tournaments.

If they don’t win tournaments, eventually, they will lose endorsements, contracts, etc.

So as a golf shop, we keep a close eye on what is being played on tour.  Even if you are not on the PGA Tour, you will benefit from seeing what set arrangement Tour Pros have in their bag:

EQUIPMENT SURVEY: Titleist was the top choice among the field in golf balls with 106 (68%), more than seven times the nearest competitor with 15 … Titleist was also the field favorite in irons with 43 (24%), compared to 34 for the nearest competitor … The 716 AP2 was the most played Titleist iron model with 12 sets … Nearly half of all wedges in play were Vokey Design models with 198 (49%), more than four times the nearest competitor (46) … The new Vokey Design SM6 prototypes (121) were the most played single model … Scotty Cameron putters were also the most played with 66 (42%), 20 more than the nearest competitor (46) … With Dufner’s victory, Titleist tops the PGA TOUR in victories across every major equipment category, including golf balls (6), drivers (4), irons (4), wedges (4) and putters (7) through the first 10 events this season.



JASON DUFNER: Titleist Pro V1 golf ball, 910D2 (8.0*) driver, 915F (21.0*) fairway metal, 716 AP2 (4-PW) irons, Vokey Design SM6 prototype gap (52.12 F grind), sand (56.14 F grind) and lob (60.12 K grind) wedges, Scotty Cameron Futura X7M putter.

ANDREW LOUPE: Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, 915D2 (7.5*) driver, 913F (13.5*) fairway metal, 714 MB 3-iron, 716 MB (4-9) irons, Vokey Design SM5 pitching (48), gap (52), sand (56) and lob (60) wedges.

KEVIN NA: Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, 915D3 (9.5*) driver, 915F (15.0*, 18.0*) fairway metals, 816H2 (21.0*) hybrid, 716 T-MB 4-iron, 716 AP2 (5-PW) irons, Vokey Design Spin Milled sand (54) and lob (60) wedges, Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter.

BILL HAAS: Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, 915D4 (10.5*) driver, 915F (13.5*, 18.0*) fairway metals, 716 AP2 (3-PW) irons, Vokey Design SM6 sand (53) and lob (59) wedges, Scotty Cameron Concept 2 prototype putter.

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