New Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges are available soon!


It’s the PGA show week.  Demo day is in process today but I wanted to share about the new wedges that I personally like:

Titleist SM6 Vokey Wedges.

SM6 Technology from Vokey Wedges on Vimeo.

Take a look at their Vimeo site for explanation on the new SM6 wedges!

You can find the details on the web but below is what I like:

  1. New CG positioning depending on the loft.  Now the lower loft wedges will fly with more consistent yardage.  The lower loft has more mass behind the hitting zone, middle lofts are similar to previous version but the higher loft have higher CG for more consistent trajectory.  This is a great feature especially for stronger players.
  2. They have simplified bounce and grind options.  So many golfers are playing the number game with the different bounce angle in different loft and grind.  But do remember that effective bounce is the key to properly understanding the sole and turf interaction!
  3. Available in 3 cooler finishes!

And don’t forget that Vokey Wedge Works options will be available.  Make sure you get the right length, shaft, flex, grip, lie to play your best.

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