M1 versus M2: Adjustability or forgiveness

Shortly after receiving the demo M2 driver I had it in my hands. Much has been speculated about the M1’s little brother but I needed to see the difference for myself. TaylorMade is billing the M2 as the driver more suited for higher handicappers who are looking for more forgiveness, higher launch and a straighter ball flight. The M2 is a 460cc head with no adjustable weighting system. I compared the M2 to an M1 460cc headset up between straight and fade bias as well as in the middle of the front-to-back (ball flight) weight. I used an PING’s nFlight launch monitor for accurate results and properly warmed up before hitting each driver.


I hit the M2 first. I initially leaned the M2 up against something and had to recheck whether it was the same club or an M1 when I came back to it. I really like that TaylorMade decided to stay consistent across their entire line with the multi-material crown. The sound was awesome! The M2 delivers more of a low-pitched pop which probably won’t annoy the hell out of the homeowners around your local course. The M2 felt like a very ‘hot’ driver head that accurate and forgiving.


Next, the big brother got the treatment. The M1 460cc is roughly the same club when the front-to-back sliding weight is pushed all the way back. The main difference is the options that come with the M1 sliding weights. You can change ball flight and shot shape for any given course conditions with the M1. My own results supported this. The M1 launched a bit lower and was a bit more shapeable than the M2.


If you are a really good player that plays in a variety of course conditions, the M1 is the driver for you. If you normally play the same few courses and do not break 80 too often, the M2 will be the club for you. These are both wonderful clubs from TaylorMade and now there is a club for a player of every skill level.



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