The new G series from Ping has arrived at Fairway Golf!

ping g seriesOpening up the new G series driver is an amazing experience, first of all Ping has kept with the same loved head design and color of the high selling and popular G30 series, but added turbulators for reduced wind resistance and an increase in clubhead speed.  In swinging the G series driver, at first notice it is a very balanced driver for its long length, It has a wonderfully bright sound at impact, but not bell like.  The feel of the driver overall is somewhat muted on off-center contact but more noticeable when hit towards the hosel.  The iron in the series, also known as G, falls into what Ping has been known for. Forgiveness with Feel.  The G series irons even with the aggresive offset were able to be shot shaped, and look wonderful at address, very similar to the eye2’s of old.   The best bet would be to come into Fairway Golf and give it a try for yourself!

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