Titleist 4Up Stadry stand bag are now lighter and keep you dry

Do you play golf in the rain?

You may not want to buy being prepared for rain is important to help you enjoy the game and hit better shots in such wet conditions.

Titleist is coming out with the new StaDry 4UP stand bag which only weights 2.8 pounds and waterproof.

It will keep you clubs, grips, gloves, keys and wallet dry during your round.

Features water proof seam sealed zippers for maximum water protection.

StaDry waterproof have been a long best seller at fairwaygolfusa.com and this new lightweight waterproof bag will sure be another must have product!

titleist_4up_stadry_charcoal titleist_4up_stadry_navy titleist_4up_stadry_grey titleist_4up_stadry_black

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