Bubba Watson What’s in the Bag?

So what is Bubba using now?

  • G Driver 9deg at -0.6deg setting
    • He has been using the Bi-Matrix shaft for a while.  He must really like the shaft.
    • It is amazing how he can hit his distance with a 44.5 inch length
  • G 3 Wood at 15.7deg setting
    • Another 42 inch shorter setting. (standard is 43).  I guess with his distance, his focus is more on control and not distance with the 3 wood
  • S55 irons
    • of course with PINK paint fill
    • He does not carry the #3 iron
    • But 0.5 inch longer in length from standard
  • Glide Wedges
    • wedges are 0.5 inch longer than standard
    • Very light swingweight on the 60deg
  • Custom milled Anser putter
    • light weight head
    • little flatter than standard
    • I like the 2 deg loft

Congratulations Bubba!

You can get customized PING (paint fill, digital loft and lie, custom grind on irons and wedges) through fairwaygolfusa.com



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