NEW Mitsubishi Grand Bassara: Super light shaft

This is a shaft that is made for those who want a faster club head speed and not to pull a muscle trying. Mitsubishi’s new Grand Bassara shaft weighs in at a mind-boggling 29 grams! This is an ultra lightweight shaft that will change the game for some players looking for more distance. The 29 gram shaft comes in a lite, regular and stiff flex and there’s a more stout (haha!) 39 gram version with the same flex options. Contact us at to order yours today.




Mitsubishi Rayon Grand Bassara Specs:

Model Name Flex Length Weight Tip Length Butt O.D. Tourque Kick Point
GRAND BASSARA™ GB29 LITE 1168mm 32.5g 50mm 14.90mm 11.8 MID-LOW
GRAND BASSARA™ GB29 R 1168mm 35.5g 50mm 15.05mm 10.8 MID-LOW
GRAND BASSARA™ GB29 S 1168mm 39.5g 50mm 15.15mm 9.8 MID-LOW
GRAND BASSARA™ GB39 LITE 1168mm 43.0g 50mm 14.90mm 4.9 MID-LOW
GRAND BASSARA™ GB39 R 1168mm 45.5g 50mm 15.05mm 4.8 MID-LOW
GRAND BASSARA™ GB39 S 1168mm 48.5g 50mm 15.10mm 4.7 MID-LOW

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