2016 Japan 50th Golf Fair Update… Haraken DOCUS Raiden Blue Limited Edition Putter AWESOME

Here at Fairway Golf, we are always looking for the next standout design from Japan. Check out the coolest Blue Blade style putter in the world! Straight from Japan, this Haraken Docus Raiden Blue is distinctive and (mostly) unique at 100 pcs available. The CNC Milled head gives a soft, yet a solid strike at impact during the stroke. The RAIDEN has a classic blade profile with a slightly wider back flange to improve forgiveness and stability. World Limited model: 100 pcs. Contact us at support@fairwaygolf.com for more information.


Material Soft Iron
Manufacturing process: CNC Milled
Loft(°) 2
Lie(°) 71
Head Weight(g) 360
Shaft Shimada Shaft
Shaft Weight(g) 139
Length(Inch) 32 / 33 / 34 / 35
Total Weight(g) 557(34inch)
Price Shimada Shaft-mounted model ¥37,000


Docus blue putter 1

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