Looking for a low launching low spinning iron shaft? Here it is: Dynamic Gold X7

Problem hitting the ball too high?

Spinning the ball too much with  your irons?

Most likely you are a strong golfer with fast club head speed requiring a shaft heavy and stiff to keep the ball down below the wind to get consistent yardage even in windy conditions.


The Dynamic Gold X7 is the shaft for you!

Low penetrating trajectory with low spin to optimize your air time and landing angle.  The shaft is 132 grams (heavy) and comes in .355 taper tip.

The shaft is only available through a True Temper Performance Fitting Center like Fairway Golf.

Fairway Golf can install  this shaft on your next PXG, Miura, EPON and other builds that we do at the store.

If you are interested in the True Temper Performance Fitting Center only shafts, visit our website:

fairwaygolfusa.com true temper page

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