The New Cobra King Wedge is a nice looking wedge!

I have always liked the looks of the Cobra short irons dating back to the old King Cobra Norman Grind days in the 90’s.

The roundness of the toe really fits my eyes.

Now Cobra is coming out with the new 2016 KING Wedges that Rickie Fowler will be using too!

king_wedge_2 king_wedge_3 king_wedge_1

The new King Wedges come in 3 types of sole grinds:


Versatile, Classic and Widelow

Versatile is good for slider swing type and on medium to firm turf condition

Classic is more for neutral swing type and for most turf conditions

Widelow is designed for the digger swing type and for soft conditions


The new 2016 KING wedge specification:


At $119 starting price and tons of custom shaft options, I recommend this wedge!

Get yours now at Cobra King wedge page


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