The HONMA TW727 Series irons are becoming quite popular here at Fairway Golf. The coveted HONMA TW727 M irons are the Muscle Back version with amazing feel and workability. This version is designed for the LOW Handicap player to Tour players. Below is a brief description of the Forging and the design.

HONMA TOUR WORLD TW727M Irons Details:

Honma Tour World TW727M Iron – This year it’s all about a new process called W-FORGED, and interestingly Honma has chosen to use different technology and materials based on the needs of the player and the iron they should choose for example the TW727Vn and TW727V are the only ones W-Forged while the 727M is standard S25C Forged.

Many pro’s and low handicap players loved the previous version and now this version picks up where the las left off with minute differences starting with a slightly sharper leading edge that has been combined with a very thin sole it cuts through the grass like a razor. The offset values have all been changed as well as the shape starting with the long irons at nearly zero but even the PW has extremely minimal amounts and as you go from the long to short irons the top line bends for better visuals to help good players shape shift the ball with confidence. This year there is a new Vizard heavy weight carbon shaft for these blades along with many steel options.

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