Welcome to PRGR’S distance machines….the all new Egg (RED) irons. These beautiful irons are strong lofted for distance and consistency, but still CONFORMING to the USGA Rules. Here at Fairway Golf, we are excited for the new irons, and have received many orders for the irons and woods.


PRGR NEW Egg Irons

PRGR New Egg Iron 7-PW – At the heart of the new Egg Irons is it’s power groove structure, when the face meets the ball during impact it flexes and releases pushing off the face at a higher velocity, the front portion of the sole also flexes with the face as one making this a really unique design. High launch and low spin is the result.

The new PRGR Egg 2015 Iron features a maraging steel custom 450 stainless face while it’s body is made of what PRGR calls special powder metallurgy metal, deep inside the head. The shorter face height helps get the ball up by lowering the CG.

The irons have low offset with a somewhat thick top line that is hidden well with it’s beautiful black finish, overall it’s top line matches the size of the club head perfectly.

When standing over the ball you can’t help but to feel extremely confident especially if you are used to playing something much smaller like many of us are but when you hit it everything changes, it’s a higher pitch sound at impact not very dense but also not hollow and then the ball launches off the face as you would expect to see from a fairway wood or driver, it’s pretty amazing and simply put if you want to hit long, high, straight shots consistently this is a good way to achieve this.

Base set is #7-PW with optional #6 iron, AW, AS, and SW.

** Please email any questions, or to place an order to


Club #6 #7 #8 #9 PW AW AS SW
Loft/Bounce 24.0° 27.0° 31.0° 35.0° 40.0° 45.0°/4.5 50.0°/5.5 56.0°/5.5
Lie Angle 61.5° 62.0° 62.5° 63.0° 63.5° 63.5° 64.0° 64.0°
Face Progression 4.5mm 4.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm 4.0mm 4.0mm 4.0mm

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