Fairway Golf (fairwaygolfusa.com) is a UST TSPX dealer! Get Tour UST shaft at Fairway Golf

Did you know that Fairway Golf is a UST TSPX dealer?


What is a TSPX dealer?

TSPX dealers provide TSPX certified shafts which goes through thorough testing of data points of shafts which produces the highest consistency and performance.  Each shaft is serialized and data is kept in the database so we know exactly how that shaft flexes and performs.  It is essentially the Tour shaft department of UST.

At Fairway Golf, we help golfers to find the desired shaft and reshaft or install tips to the TSPX shaft to enhance performance of the clubs.

If you would like advice on UST TSPX shafts, send us an email to support@fairwaygolf.com


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