Scotty Cameron 2016 Select Putter will be at Fairway Golf on Friday April 8

It is the 2016 Masters week.  So many players have a chance to win the event.  Jason Day is playing solid.  Jordan Speith and Rory are struggling to get things done but I am sure with their experience of winning in Majors, they will be in contention.  I would like to see Dustin Johnson with the Jacket but look out for Phil and Bubba, the 2 lefties, manage the scoring holes with their fade.


This week is a big launch week at Fairway Golf Shop in San Diego.  The new Scotty Cameron Select Putters will be in store on Friday April 8, 2016.  The new putters are about sound and feel.  The new “membrane” dampens vibration for softer feel yet the face produces the sound of the putter striking the ball.

In putting, sound and feel is very important since it gives you feedback every time your make your stroke.  Over time, the putter will teach your unconscious the right speed, distance and roll to make more putts.

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One very important thing is to use the same or very similar ball every time you practice your short game and putting.  The material of the cover of the golf ball and the layers will greatly alter sound, feel, trajectory and spin.

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