At Fairway Golf, we sure love our JDM offerings, especially HONMA. With world re-nowned designs, HONMA done it again with refinements to the already super popular Beres IS-03 irons. The new HONMA Beres IS-05 irons have been released! How do you improve one of the most legendary designs? See below…

HONMA Beres IS05 Irons:

Carry distance, easy-to-hit, easy-to-address The best BERES Iron ever.

• Higher carry performance
With the New face structure, the stress on impact is concentrated and the energy is transferred to the ball without loss, providing a longer carry distance.

• The face’s repulsion area is expanded by 25% (compared to the previous model).
The face area is expanded by removing the welds from the face. It enables higher ball repulsion performance of the entire surface of the face.

• The larger head size enhances forgiveness.
Both the face height and width are expanded by 1 mm. The only 1-mm expansion provides comfort to the golfers.

New face structure(#4-8)
The face with the New face structure provides a larger face area, expanding the repulsion area by approximately 25% (Compared to IS-03). This increases the carry performance and reduces loss of distance caused by mishits.

The IS-05 has a larger head size with more forgiveness. The head length is 1mm longer than the IS-03. The height of the toe and heel are 1mm taller, providing a more upright look at address.

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 Beres S-05

 Beres S-05

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