Miura Giken MB-5005 build: Part 2 of 3

Don’t miss out! See Part 1 of the build here.


Part 2

Lay out all the shafts in ascending or descending order and put the ferrules on. Make sure the ferrules are put on in the correct direction (this is a common rookie mistake).

image1 (7)

image2 (6)

Once the ferrules are on the shaft, take the clubhead that belongs on that shaft and push the ferrule as far down as it will go. The ferrules should fit rather tight on the shaft. It is normally necessary to keep clubhead on the shaft and hit the butt-end of the shaft against the floor (or other firm surface). This will push the ferrule further down the shaft until the shaft bottoms-out in the clubhead. You can use a screwdriver or pencil to check if the depth is the same.

image3 (7) image5 (2) image6 (2)

Once the ferrules have been pushed down and dry-fit properly, mix some 24-hour epoxy with a quarter size amount of glass beads mixed in well. Make sure you rip up about 10 pieces of paper towels to wipe the excess epoxy from the clubhead once it is fitted down onto the ferrule. Once all the clubs have been glued, let them dry (clubhead down, shaft up) for at least 24 hours.


Stay tuned for Part 3 of this build…

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