New PXG putter line with milled inserts and TPE!

Bob Parsons and PXG have inserted their thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in a new line of putters that also features a 304 stainless steel milled face to improve feel and assist in distance control. This is the same TPE technology that is used in the company’s highly regarded 0311 irons. The new putter line includes 11 different putter configurations in 5 unique designs:


The putter designs in order above are: Dagger & Dagger (C); Brandon, Brandon (S) & Brandon (H); Mustang, Mustang (S) & Mustang (C); Drone & Drone (C); and the all new Gunboat (single bend shaft only).

***Shaft options include Plumber’s Neck, Single Bend (S), Heel-Shafted (H), or Center-Shafted (C).

PXG has really stepped their game up as far as R&D goes. These putters are boasting cutting edge innovations in putter technology. Now all they have to do is come up with a Toe-Up putter design that has some of those expensive screws in it. These new putters, with the exception of the Gunboat, have 0.150″ thick TPE insert and a 0.080″ 304 stainless steel milled face. The Gunboat features a TPE core down the middle of the putter head for increased MOI, improved sound and feel. The Gunboat will be available in both 370 gram and 400 gram head weights. The different color options for each design are shown below. Pricing and availability information will follow in the near future.

Please contact us at with any questions or pre-orders.

PXG-Putters-Brandon-Black PXG-Putters-Brandon-Chrome PXG-Putters-Dagger-Black PXG-Putters-Dagger-Chrome PXG-Putters-Drone-Black PXG-Putters-Drone-Chrome PXG-Putters-Gunboat-Black PXG-Putters-Gunboat-Chrome PXG-Putters-Mustang-Black PXG-Putters-Mustang-Chrome

Please contact us at with any questions or pre-orders.

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