Spotted: Titleist 917 fairway woods

With Titleist fairway woods in play at the John Deere Classic, we’ve gotten a sneak peak courtesy of and their many loyal fans. Here are a few things we know about these beauties:

  • New technology includes a movable weight system to adjust CG for shot shaping customization and a redesigned Active Recoil Channel for increased ball speed and forgiveness.
  • The fairway wood naming system has changed to match the drivers now as an F2 and F3 model are introduced instead of the usual F and Fd models.

This is a very highly anticipated launch of the driver and fairway woods in late 2016 and hopefully this gets you thinking about your new bag setup for the 2017 season.

To see the full story on GolfWRX, click here. (Thank you GolfWRX for the wonderful pictures!)


Titleist 917F2

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Titleist 917F3

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