Tiger is still using Nike clubs

The members at GolfWRX have seemed to pool their resources and get a snapshot of Tiger’s bag yesterday at Spyglass Hill where he was said to be on Monday. It appears to be an all Nike bag for Tiger (we’re not sure about the putter) which puts to bed rumors of his TaylorMade driver, Mizuno irons and Bridgestone ball setup. Here’s a picture of a Snapchat screenshot that was posted by GolfWRX member blblco02 yesterday in the “Tiger’s clubs for Safeway” thread that indicates Woods was likely going to stick to Nike clubs at the Safeway Open.


There are several indications that this is indeed Tiger Woods’s golf bag. So it looks like the users of Nike clubs are still searching for other options that will compliment their game. We’ll continue to wait (until December at least) to see what clubs Tiger will put into competition.

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