BETTINARDI Putter Faces: What’s Best For You?

Here at Fairway Golf USA, we love our Bettinardi putters. Many of our Staff members have quite a few Bettinardi putters. These putters are world renown for their amazing milling technology and incredible feel. Have you ever wondered WHY there are 2 different faces, and WHAT they do?

The F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) face is a proprietary milling technology that eliminates the need for inserts. There has been 55% of the material removed behind the putter face, creating their softest feel.


The Super Fly-Mill face features their aggressive milling technology. This face produces a muted, but crisp feel. This face is made for players looking for a responsive feel.


The Honeycomb face uses their Patented milling technology to produce a firmer feel. This design helps players with their speed and distance control.


What type of putter are you? You can use the above information to find the correct Bettinardi putter for you. Please email us at for more information.

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