Srixon 965, Tested, Approved.


The Srixon z965, no other words to describe this beautifully engineered blade other than buttery. Simply astounding, and an improvement over the popular z945, which was widely successful, the z965 does better in what the z945 lacked. Srixon improved the look of the head by removing the somewhat awkward stripe of darker chrome and replaced it with a more hidden satin finish. Also Srixon is now producing these head at another forging house, we are not allowed to state which, but it is one of the finest on the planet, if not the finest. Srixon also added addition no upcharge shafts to their line this year which further the value of the z965. I’m giving the z965 a 10/10, and can not foresee a better blade offering from a major manufacturer releasing in the ’16-’17 season. Give them a try at Fairway Golf, Convoy or Airport, you won’t be disappointed.

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