Japanese Forged! Epon AF Tour Reviewed.



Epon, few know it by name, but it’s a Japanese luxury club manufacturer, and the inhouse irons of the world famous Endo forging house. When talking about Ultra highend golf equipment a few names come to mind, two are well know to the golf enthusiast, Miura and PXG. Epon is along the same line as the previously mentioned, High end, World class forging, Japanese precision and quality, and feel that’s right feel. Where Miura is the Soft buttery forging that we have come to appreciate and love over the years Epon is its polar opposite, hitting at Epon is like feeling the 2 halves of a golf ball come together before it leaves the club face, the feeling is simply incredible and is definitely worth the time to try it for yourself. Just like other Japanese Forgings The Af-Tour is a true players blade and lacks in the forgiveness category and is meant for the better player, but luckily there is a version with some nice parameter weighting and the same sleek design. Both are explosive on center face contact and  provide much more valuable information on off center hits than its cast counterparts. The best part about either of these heads are the rewarding feeling achieved when the center of the face is hit, as competitively long as the mass manufacturers, all in a compact look we all want. Get down to FairwayGolf and try them out for yourself! af-tour-cavity



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