Forged VS Cast The Grainy Truth

If you’d been around golf for awhile then you’d probably forged-vs-cast-club-picremember the old Ben Hogans, Vip’s, and Macgreggors, but what made those classic clubs feel so good when you hit them well? They were all hand worked steel, think of the ancient samurai swords of old, master sword crafters would pound steel to shape, and that’s the way our golf clubs used to be made, with precision, and by the hand of a master club builder.

Now a days as our game has grown, so has the technology. From clubheads to shafts, right down to the manufacturing processes. Casting has made clubs more affordable, but has some downsides. Forging has come along way, no longer hand pounded but is done much faster by large mechanical hammers. Forging has kept the same consistency in metal throughout the years and is now beginning to get more and more recognition as begin more than just a players metal.


With the advancement in parameter weighting cast heads grew in popularity, and have outgrown the blades and muscle backs. As technology continues to move more and more towards the future, forged iron companies like Mizuno, SrixonFourteen ETC. are beginning to prove and provide that not only are forged irons an option, but are becoming  as, if not more forgiving than their cast counterparts.

So what’s the deal? Well casting heads, as seen in the picture, above creates random grains, which if you have ever spent any time playing with cast clubs leads to inconsistent distance jumps and feel. Ever hit 2 balls really well just to have one go 15 yards farther than the other…..

Forging clubs creates a layered effect in the grains within the metals, thus creating a smoother feel and more consistent results. That’s it, layering grains instead of stacking them, gives that buttery feel we all want? Yep, that’s it, of course forging processes play a huge roll in exactly how each head will feel and its overall playability, but that’s for another day.

If you feel like you aren’t getting what you need out of your clubs, or maybe have seen some shots jump off your cast heads check out for all the finest forgings.



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