MSOP! The Big Show.


So, you think you can putt?

Here’s your chance. The Major Series of Putting.

Major Series of Putting (MSOP) intends to entertain, challenge and thrill people with the simplest and most important golf element – Putting. To achieve such, MSOP will sanction the largest series of putting tournaments in history with millions of dollars in total prize money. In fabulous Las Vegas, participants from all walks of life will have opportunity to test their skills and nerves as they compete over several days in high-stakes championship putting on a 20,000 Square-foot surface designed by world-leading Nicklaus Design. The fun is open to all as qualifying events will be held around North America in collaboration with local golf courses.

For the most part, MSOP is played just like any other tournament round, with a few exceptions.

The biggest adaptations are:

Allowing anchoring of belly and long putters.

In the match play format, no putt of hole can be conceded.

The event is in a stadium, so it is expected to play in a noisy or dynamic setting.

A player is not able to Lift or Mark their ball during the play of a hole.

These are just some examples of the adaptations of the Rules of Golf at MSOP.


If you like Golf, Putting, Gambling, Dynamic Sport Environments, The MSOP is the place to be. Qualifiers are being conducted right now, and singles buy ins are available.

Want the same feeling of winning a Major Championship?

Then I’ll be seeing you in Las Vegas this March.



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