Wallet-Friendly Putters

When you think of a quality putter most people think of Scotty Cameron putters.

Golfers choose Scotty Cameron putters for their soft-milled faces, which is why they sell for $350+. But what if I told you there was a cheaper alternative to a soft-milled face? Cue dramatic music.

Cleveland Golf has released a series of putters that they call the Huntington Beach Collection, and they only cost $99.99. They are soft and milled just like a Scotty Cameron; they even have the same designs.



The only difference I can really tell between the two is how heavy the putters are. The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach putters are lighter than the Scotty’s.

So if you want a cheaper alternative to a Scotty Cameron, then the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Collection might be for you.

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