Bryson Dechambeau at the PGA Show Demo day 2017

Bryson Dechambeau was at the 2017 PGA Demo day in Orlando at the Orange County National golf course.

By now, everyone knows about the ONE length irons.  Cobra just released the ONE length F7 and the forged irons out on the market.

Order Your Custom Cobra One Length irons at

All the irons are the same length (club length).  The #4 iron and the PW are the same length.  So you only have to practice one swing for your irons and let the club specification (loft, CG, etc.) do the work to hit different yardages.

Bryson Dechambeau is marching on with his ONE length Cobra irons on the PGA Tour.  It makes sense.

I am sure it does to you too.  It’s just different.  But different could be a good thing.

Don’t forget the oversize grip too.

Bryson was at the Cobra/PUMA booth during the 2017 PGA Demo day.  Couldn’t stick around to hear his theory but I am sure he did his homework.

Now it’s time to let the club and the score do the talking! can help you customize your ONE Length irons for length, lie, and grips too!

Good luck on the PGA Tour Bryson!

Oh, I did not know that he has Microsoft as his sponsor…..

The logo on the shirt, the logo on the bag….

I am sure the engineers at Microsoft is rooting for you!

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