Aldila Rogue M-AX Black(low launch) specs

Aldila’s Rogue M-AX is quickly gaining traction on Tour where players are looking for stability and feel at higher swing speeds. This shaft already has several wins on the PGA and Tours.

  • Incorporates a new material in a 0 degree/90 deg. fiber orientation along the entire length of the shaft providing significantly improved cross sectional stability during loading and unloading of the shaft during the swing.
  • Material and orientation of the material provides increased energy transfer to the golf ball at impact, and allows for a more consistent release path swing after swing.
  • Uses a 110 MSI carbon fiber for increased stiffness while keeping a lighter overall weight.
  • Designed to produce a low to mid trajectory and lower spin.

Rogue M-AX specs:

Shaft Flex Weight Uncut Length Tip OD Butt OD Torque Parallel Tip  Trajectory
Rogue MAX 65 R 70g 46″ .335″ .606″ 4.5* 3″ LOW/MID
Rogue MAX 65 S 68g 46″ .335″ .607″ 3.7* 3″ LOW/MID
Rogue MAX 65 X 70g 46″ .335″ .614″ 3.3* 3″ LOW/MID
Rogue MAX 75 S 75g 46″ .335″ .610″ 3.6* 3″ LOW/MID
Rogue MAX 75 X 78g 46″ .335″ .616″ 3.2* 3″ LOW/MID

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