Are Cast Irons the Way to Go?

There are two types of irons out there: Forged and cast.

The main difference is the way that they are made.

Forged irons are made by starting with a solid piece of metal, and stamping them into the intended loft and shape.

On the other hand, the creation of cast irons start with molten metal, and poured into a pre-made mold.

Now your probably asking why this even matters. A lot of it has to do with performance and feel.

Forged irons such as, Miura irons, are notorious for having the softest feel because of the way they are forged.

Cast irons, like Ping i200 or iBlades, are profound to have good weighting when the club is swung.

Not too many consumers know that when people say “soft feel” towards forged irons they are only referring to the sweet spot of the face. If you mishit it off the feel, your hands will feel the damage.

Because of the casting process, the feeling across the face is almost consistent. This will help you last through 18 holes. Those “bad feeling” shots will discourage a good round.

The one company that has mastered the cast process is Ping.

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