2017 Odyssey O-Works!

O WHAT?!?! O- WORKS!!!

Odyssey has released their new line of putters for 2017 called the O-Works line, but the technology has been used for awhile by many of Callaway’s tour staff. Phil has been a fan of the technology for several months, and if a short game master like himself favors the O-Works technology, you might too!!!

So what makes the O-Works line different from all of its competitors?

At first glance the insert looks like it has small magnets sitting on the face; almost like a Bettinardi putter. Those metal dot looking things are actually hinges. What better name than to call is Microhinge Insert Technology!!!

The idea of the insert is that it will get the ball to have more top spin at a higher rate which is what helps you roll the ball on the line you want. The insert is molded together with an elastomer that allows for soft feel at impact.


CHECK OUT the sweet putter heads HERE!!!

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