5-Piece Ball by TaylorMade?!?!

Yes, you read the title correctly. TaylorMade‘s new TP5 and Tp5x are a 5 piece ball.

Both balls feature a Tri-Fast Core that gives the balls three layers of progressive compression. This allows the ball to flex [compress] and generate maximum energy transfer which is why this ball gives fast ball speeds. All of your club speed will transfer to the TP5 & TP5x balls.

The outer most two layers are why the balls will produce more spin around the greens. On the outside is an ultra-soft urethane cover which gives a soft feel, while the next layer is more rigid allowing it to “bite” into the grooves.

Players like Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, and John Ram have been playing the TP5x for several months now, and they have seen yardage gains before they switched to the TaylorMade 2017 M1.

In comparison, the TP5 is a softer feeling ball while the TP5x is a higher launching ball. You may also notice more distance with the TP5x.


See how the TP5 and TP5x will suit your game HERE!

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