PXG X-series woods and hybrids

Bob Parsons and PXG just announced the introduction of the X series of metalwoods and hybrids. This series includes the 0811X and 0811LX drivers, 0341X fairway woods and 0317 hybrids. Lets take a brief look at these new woods from golf’s fastest growing company.

0811X and 0811LX drivers:

The 0811X and 0811LX drivers feature one of the lowest CG positions on the market while also maintaining an extremely high MOI. This helps create a high launch with a low spin, improving both distance and accuracy. The 0811X and 0811LX drivers are designed with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) honeycomb insert. TPE, also used in PXG irons and putters, is a high-performance vibration-dampening polymer that enhances the club’s sound and feel. The honeycomb structure reduces mass, which can then be repositioned around the club to optimize launch. These new drivers are built for performance, starting with an ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber crown. Weighing just 8.2 grams, the carbon fiber crown saves nearly 14 grams of mass from the top of the club head that can be redistributed in the sole, helping to lower the CG position and optimize ball flight. The high-strength titanium alloy face used in the 0811X and 0811LX drivers has a complex variable face design, improving the face strength to mass ratio. The innovative design also helps to reduce mass in the face to improve both CG and MOI. The new drivers retain the same tip adapter as the older 0811 driver so that owners of 0811 drivers can still use their custom shafts with the new driver head. It is encouraged in fitting to bring in the player’s current driver for a head-to-head comparison with the new drivers from PXG.

0341X Fairway Woods:

Innovative design from inside to out, the 0341X fairway woods lower spin while increasing ball speed, launch angle and carry distance. To produce the ultimate sound and feel, we’ve added a patented honeycomb TPE insert. TPE is the same ground-breaking material used in our irons and putters. The unique honeycomb construction creates a more efficient dampening structure and helps to reduce the overall club head mass. The ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber crown weighs just 3.8 grams, allowing mass to be redistributed in a forward position on the sole of the club. The high strength, ultra-thin steel face is just .075” thick, maximizing ball speed to promote extra distance. PXG’s adjustable hosel can change the loft (+/-) 1 ½ degrees to optimize the trajectory for each golfer’s unique swing.

0317X hybrids:

The 0317X hybrids retain the high launch, low spin, fast ball speed design from the X drivers and fairway woods and well as the TPE insert to improve sound and feel of the strike. The ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber crown weighs just 2.8 grams, allowing mass to be redistributed in the sole of the club in a forward position. The face on the hybrids is the same thickness (.075″) as the 0341X fairway woods. The hybrid tip adapter is also maintained from the 2016 hybrid line.

Please email us at support@fairwaygolf.com with your order or any questions you may have about PXG.

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