Mizuno MP-18 and MP-18 SC (updated)

Not long ago, GolfWRX posted this spy pic on Instagram (@golfwrx) of the new Mizuno MP-18 irons in a PGA Tour pro’s bag. These beauties are expected to replace the current MP-5 blades that are used by many Mizuno staffers. Take a look…

Jonnathan Vegas brought a set of MP-18 irons to The Masters Tournament this year…

There are also some MP-18 cavity-back irons with a “split cavity” appropriately called the MP-18 SC that have popped up on the USGA’s conforming club list. These irons should be similar in forgiveness to the MP-54s and -55s of the past but feel most similar to the JPX-900 Tours from this year. Of course, we will have to wait for Fall 2017 to test these two beauties out.

Wow! Comment and tell us what you think about these new Mizuno irons. If you have any questions, email us at support@fairwaygolf.com.

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