Titleist 917 SureFit CG Weight Kit

Having trouble hitting your Titleist 917 driver? Or maybe you’re going through a swing change and you need a new feeling in your 917 driver?

The Titleist 917 SureFit CG Weight Kit will help you get the ball flight you desire. The stock weight in the Titleist 917 driver comes with an adjustable 12 gram weight.

Titleist 917 D2 Driver

If you are looking for a heavier feel the SureFit Kit comes with a 14 gram and 16 gram weight. If a lighter swing weight is needed you can switch to a 8 gram or 10 gram weight.

The Titelist 917 SureFit CG Weight Kit allows you to not only change the swing weight to the driver, but also make your driver fade or draw biased.

Weights are also available for fairway woods!

For more details on the weight kit, click here!


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