Fourteen Golf Clubs (in the bag)

You need fourteen clubs to play golf, but you need Fourteen clubs to play GREAT golf.

Fourteen is a Japanese golf club manufacturer. Known for their irons, but not too many people are aware of their drivers!

Across the bag Fourteen golf clubs do not disappoint. Fourteen’s DT-112 driver is long due to their ability to increase the sweet spot by 4 millimeters. It may not sound like a big difference, but when was the last time you sliced your tee shot?

Fourteen Golf DT-112 Driver

As far as irons go, Fourteen’s TC-770 and TF-616 are the most popular among the people that come into our shop. With Japanese forged irons, you can never go wrong.

Fourteen Golf TC-770 Forged IronsFourteen Golf TF-616 Irons

Fourteen’s RM22 wedges produce a lot of spin. This is a result of sharp grooves, and close-to satin finish, which is what many tour players use.

Fourteen Golf RM22 Nickel Black Finish Wedge

Fourteen has quality bags for reasonable prices as well! Show your support for one of the best golf club manufacturers.


Fourteen CB0407 Stand BagsFourteen CB0208 Cart BagsFourteen John Mallinger Signature Hats

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