Scotty Camerons are Expensive for a Reason

We all know that the number one putter on tour is made from Scotty Cameron. Known for their incredible feel and high performance, Scotty Cameron dominates in the putter industry. Many customers get intimated by the price tag of Scotty‘s but there is a reason why they are a bit pricey.

Scotty Cameron uses 303 stainless steel (the softest steel that holds its shape). Besides the premium material, Scotty Cameron putters allow players to adjust the weights of their putters. Weight kits are sold so that golfers can dial in their preferred feel just like the tour pros.

Scotty Cameron Futura X5 Putters

Scotty Cameron also have distinct shapes to them. Although the blades may look similar to other brands like Odyssey, the heads are slightly smaller so that alignment is easier. Also, the Futura putters have very unique style of heads that many pros are using. They are designed to help golfers hit their putts with higher motion of inertia.

Fairway Golf USA has a collection of Tour putters!

Scotty Cameron A-020021 Tour Prototype SSS Concept1 Putters

All in all, Scotty Cameron‘s are worth the investment.

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