2017 Father’s Day Blog #2

Yesterday in our Father’s Day Blog #1 we talked about the most important club to men, the driver. I know they can get a little pricey, which is why this blog series is intended to help everybody!

One thing you can’t go wrong with this Father’s Day are golf clothes. Whether that special someone lives in San Diego and needs something breathable, or they live in Canada and need to bundle up but still be able to swing, there is a wide variety to choose from.

Since I know that most of you reading this are from warmer climate areas let’s start off with one of my favorites.

Nike MM Fly Framing Commander Polo 

Nike MM Fly Framing Commander Polo (#746074)

This light weight polo from Nike is breathable, and compliments almost any body shape. A great go-to gift for any player.

Every golfer needs quality pants. When you have a great fit pant on, you tend to look more professional and clean. Oakley is one of my go to brands when customers ask for a “cheaper Nike”. I always point the customer to Oakley.

Oakley Take 3.0

Oakley Take 3.0 Pants

Most golfers have a go-to hat that they wear to the range or on the course. Maybe it’s time to replace your dad’s old Titleist hat and get him a new one.

Titleist Flat Bill

Any sort of golf apparel will make any golfer happy. They can even use the attire for casual work events.

For more golf clothes, click here.

Stay tuned for Father’s Day Blog #3.

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