Callaway Epic Pro irons: TESTED

Yesterday, I got the chance to test Callaway Epic Pro irons for myself and see how they felt. Callaway has come a long way since the Steelhead X-14’s and the culmination of years of R&D has produced the Epic and Epic Pro irons. I tested the Epic Pro irons because those are closer to the blades I am playing now. The 7-iron and 3-iron were available to test and, after a brief warm-up, I began mashing them. My 7-iron normally carries 178-181 yards on our shop’s Foresight GC2 launch monitor. The Epic Pro #7 was routinely carrying 193 yards on the button. I was very impressed! The clubs have a little more offset than my blades do but much less the comparably performing Apex CF16 irons. The feel and sound from the 360 Cup Face was very similar to the Apex CF16‘s from last year. Overall, I found them to be smaller version of the Apex CF with less offset, a thinner topline and slightly better feel. The Epic Pro is certainly geared towards the better player who wants more distance (ALL OF US!) from a relatively small head. This is certainly the most technologically-advanced players iron from any manufacturer to date. I gained 1 to 1.5 clubs of distance and this did not stop at the 7-iron. I do not carry my 3-iron in the bag because it is not useful in most situations because I cannot hit it high enough and therefore goes only 5 yards longer than my 4-iron. Off the deck, it carries about 200 and then rolls to about 240 or so (depending on conditions). The Epic Pro 3-iron carried 230 for me and then rolled out to 255-256 with my fade. The extra 30 yards of carry distance means THE WORLD to my game because I can carry trouble in front of the par 5’s I want to go for in two. And that’s off the deck! I would love to take this club out and hit it off the tee. Needless to say, you’ll be seeing these Epic and Epic Pro long irons in the staff bags of touring pros very soon.

Check out the Epic and Epic Pro irons here. These irons go on pre-sale 6/2/2017 and pricing is $250/club for steel and $280/club for graphite.

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