2017 PRGR RS and RS-F drivers

New for 2017, PRGR has redesigned their popular RS and RS-F drivers. The “F” is the better player model. Both are 460cc’s with the same materials and base technology. The driver heads have been innovated with special attention to widening the high initial velocity area. As a result, the high initial velocity area percentage on the face has been increased, achieving a head that carries long distances like no other.

The differences are that the “F” has a 56* lie angle which will appeal to better players and it also has a 3.5* open face angle. Before you run for the door the good news is PRGR measures their face angles different than other brands do. It actually looks quite square to slightly open (2*) and PRGR fans know not to be afraid of this measurement.

When you compare the RS vs RS-F, the “F” has the weight port near the toe while the standard RS has it toward the heel, this means the RS-F can play neutral to a strong fade bias where the RS neutral to a strong draw bias. The hosel is adjustable with PRGR’s Bacosy which allows you to increase or decrease loft.

The faces on these drivers are forged Ti-6Al-4V the body is VPC Ti8Al-1V-1Mo. These materials are customized for PRGR. 4 patents include: the crown structure, 2 axis variable loft, Nabla face design, and the removable weight/variable C.G. concept. 4 patents in this product alone!

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