2017 Father’s Day Blog #7

He golfs, but you don’t know what to buy him for Father’s Day. THAT’S EASY!!!

The putter is the most important club in the bag. It’s the one club that is used every single hole, unless of course you hit a superb iron shot.

The saying “drive for show, and putt for doe” is true. If you don’t have a quality putter, it is going to be difficult to play great.

The best putter brand out there is Scotty Cameron, made by Titleist. Any Scotty Cameron putter is great. The name Scotty Cameron alone is a turn-on to any golfer.

Scotty Cameron Futura X7 Putters

The putter that most golfers have are Odyssey. They are on the wallet-friendly side, and they perform really well.

Odyssey O-Works Mallet Putter

Putters are very key to playing good golf. It is the most used club, so it is only right to make an investment into it.

Fairway Golf has a great selection of putters for Father’s Day.

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