PXG 0811XF driver released!

Today, PXG has released the 0811XF (Xtreme Forgiveness) driver which is a back/toe weighted version of the 2017 0811X driver. This driver is a great option for the player looking for more forgiveness on miss-hits and the ability to set in a draw-bias (slice correction) setting. After hitting the driver a few times with the shaft I like to use in our demo PXG‘s, I figured out that this was a special driver. Although I really do like the improved feel and wonderful sound of the 0811X drivers, they aren’t as forgiving as some of other the multi-material drivers on the market today. With the adjustable weight moved all the way back and heelward, this is now a driver that is not only a joy to hit but will benefit the large majority of golfers. I figured out that by alternating the weights in a silver, black, silver, black configuration, the resulting shots were a high-launching, low-spinning baby draw…the perfect shot with the driver (as far as I’m concerned). The feel and sound on these drivers are unbelievable.

To hit this driver or be fit for an 0811XF driver yourself, contact us today at (619) 702-1702 or email us at support@fairwaygolf.com to book a fitting appointment at one of our 2 San Diego locations.



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