STORY TIME: Customer hit Callaway Epic irons further than Steelhead XR irons

Today in the shop, a gentlemen with moderate swing tempo came in to try some irons. Although he came in for a higher-end iron, he could not stop hitting the new Callaway Epic irons.

I let him hit the “higher-end” iron that he came in for, and he was pleased with the way it felt. Then, I showed him our new demos we got in for the Callaway Epic irons.

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From the first hit, I knew he found his new set of irons. He did not believe the 15 yard increase that he was getting with the Callaway Epic irons. He told me that his current 7-iron, the Callaway Steelhead XR, only goes 155 yards. HE HIT THE CALLAWAY EPIC 7 IRON 173 yards on AVERAGE!!!

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I told him that, “we are not like other golf shops that like to ‘juice’ up our numbers.” He didn’t believe me, so he went to his car to get his Callaway Steelhead XR.

Sure enough when he hit Steelhead XR REALLY well, he was only able to get 165 out of it. He averaged 157 with the Steelhead XR.

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Long story short… the Callaway Epic irons are living up to their name… EPIC.

Want to know more about the Callaway Epic irons? Click here.

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