Control on the Greens

So you haven’t been hitting your putts on line recently… I HAVE A SOLUTION. A SHORTER PUTTER!

  • A shorter putter ultimately leads to more control for any player. If you stand up straight, the butt-end of your putter should be just at the wrist. Not only will a shorter putter allow you to dictate the head path a lot easier, but it will bring your eyes closer to the ball; this will help you see the line a lot better. You want your eyes to be no more than one inch behind the target line.

This 35 inch Scotty Cameron puts my eyes too far behind the target line.

This 33 inch Scotty Cameron allows me to get my eyes slightly behind the target line.

According to, the average height of a tour player is 6 foot, and the average length of their putter is 33.5 inches. Have you ever seen Phil Mickelson? The giant is putting with a toothpick.

Scotty Cameron 2017 Cameron & Crown Putter

Noticing that most amateurs are in need of a 33 inch putter, Scotty Cameron’s latest collection is the 2017 Cameron & Crown series. Most people would counter that a 33 inch putter throws off the weight, which is what makes this series special. The Cameron & Crown putters are designed with strategically placed weights and a 10-inch matador grip. Whether you are looking for a blade or a mallet, the Cameron & Crown line has a head that will fit your eye.

Next time you are in the market for a putter, reconsider what length you want because after all ,putting is where the money is at.


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