Bridgestone’s NEW TourB X-Blade vs. previous J15 MB

Bridgestone has come out with brand new 2017 line up. The two irons they released, the TourB X-Blade and the TourB X-CB are replacing the J15 series. They also have four new driver heads for their XD series.

Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons

I want to compare the TourB X-Blade and the J15 MB, since blade-lovers are always looking for the latest and greatest blades.


When the J15 MBs came out, many people drooled over the look of them because they were so clean. They were very compact and smooth at sight, which was the main reason our customers purchased a set. Not only were the J15 forged heads, but it reminded our customers of the traditional heads they used to play with.

Bridgestone Tour B X-Blade Irons

When our customers look at the new TourB X-Blade, the first thing they notice is the forged mass in the back of the muscle. At first, it off puts their liking to the irons until they lay it down at address. Although the mass looks very bulky, it seems to not exist when at address. The TourB X-Blade is only slightly larger than the J15.

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As far as performance is considered, I hit the TourB X-Blade 5 yards further than the J15. 5 yards might not sound like a lot, but that’s the difference of a 3 foot putt and a 18 foot putt. The huge difference between the two series is the feel. The forged mass in the back not only gains distance, it makes impact feel smoother. It is very dense, and it catches most of the vibrations unlike other muscle backs.  I found the TourB X-Blade to have better misses than the J15. The mishits on the J15 don’t go anywhere unlike the X-Blade.

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