Golf Ball Suggestions

When choosing a golf ball, there are two things to consider: Do I want a hard ball or a soft ball? Which part of my game am I struggling with, long or short?

The type of ball you use really does matter. Speaking from personal experience, I always struggled with keeping the ball in play off the tee with the ProV1x. I then switched to the softer ProV1 to reduce side spin with my driver. I sacrificed the green-side spin for accuracy off the tee. Since that switch, I have lost an average of three strokes per round.

So how should you find the ball that fits your game? I recommend to ask a PGA Professional, but odds are they’re just going to fit you into the ProV1 or ProV1x. There are so many balls out there!

Read the different kind of things people want from a golf ball…


“I want more distance, but I still want a soft feel.”

Srixon Soft Feel Soft White Golf BallsSrixon Q Star Tour Golf Balls

“I like the performance of the ProV1, but it’s too soft for my liking.”

Callaway 2015 Chrome Soft Golf BallsTitleist 2017 Pro V1X Golf BallSrixon Z Star XV Golf Ball

“Is there a hybrid of the ProV1 and ProV1x?”

TaylorMade TP5 Golf BallBridgestone TOUR B330 S Golf Balls

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