Miura Giken (MG) irons come to U.S.

Miura has long been a name in golf associated with quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Miura family is now expanding it’s lineup in the U.S. to include some of it’s more forgiving, newer head shapes from the “Japan only” Miura Giken line. The CB-2008 and the CB-1008 are the newest heads to grace our shores and they are GORGEOUS!

The CB-1008 is part of the Pro Spec line of products which features superior workability at the expense of forgiveness. The S25C soft carbon steel in these forged irons is manufactured to the tightest specifications to produce a soft-feeling iron that also performs consistently from shot to shot. Minimal offset for the better player to work the golf ball both directions. The CB-1008 has a beautiful muscle with perimeter weighting to increase the forgiveness over a traditional muscle-back blade. This is a wonderful looking, amazing feeling cavity-back that you should definitely look into.

The CB-2008 is a similar looking iron head to the -1008 but features an undercut cavity to aid in ballspeed and forgiveness, particularly lower on the face and on strikes that are slightly heelward or toeward. These irons use a multi-piece construction that is common most game-improvement irons today. The difference is that this iron still retains the Miura feel due to the S25C forged face and neck. Feel is something that was previously thought to be “sacrificed” in order to get more distance but not anymore. The composite pocket cavity allows the CB-2008 to deliver some of the best ball speeds ever seen in a Miura iron. The domestic equivalents (hint: there is none) would have to be the Titleist AP2 or Mizuno JPX 900 Forged. Both have similar lofts to the CB-2008 and use a multi-piece construction. The #9 and PW do not feature the undercut cavity to help distance control with those irons.

These irons will be coming to the U.S. market on 06/20/2017. Email Fairway Golf today (support@fairwaygolf.com) for a quote or to schedule a fitting for the CB-1008 or CB-2008.


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