PXG Signs Pac-12 Player of the Year: Wyndham Clark

If you watched the 2017 NCAA Men’s Golf Championship, you saw the Oregon Ducks come up short. As a team, the Ducks performed exceptionally well. As for Wyndham Clark, the kid played lights out. With three victories in his senior year alone, many are wondering what clubs he was playing. Earlier this year, PXG signed OU as their main golf club sponsor. This allowed Clark to get properly fitted by PXG’s master fitters.

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The 0811X Driver…we carry. The 0341X Woods…we carry. The 0311T Irons… we carry. Those really nice milled wedges…we carry. BUT THE PXG 0311X 2-IRON?!?! NOPE.

This is sparking a lot of interest for PXG lovers. Even though most players don’t use a two iron in this day and age, it would still be cool to see what PXG’s 0311X irons look like. Obviously, it’s probably just a driving iron with their iconic screws in the back. But, what if these 0311X irons could have the technology that helps golfers across the board.

It’s definitely something to look out for.

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