For those looking for a STRONGER Fairway Wood

You love your three wood, but you just wish it would go a little longer. There are many possible ways to do, besides swinging harder. You can extend the length on your wood, but you lose control and consistency. You can add lead tape to make the club head heavier, but that might throw your temp off in your other clubs. You have looked into buying a 13.5 degree wood, but you can’t find one with modern technology.

It is not a secret that trying to find a fairway wood stronger than 15 degrees is hard to find in today’s golf market. The only time you see one is typically on tour for the professionals. Most companies do not bother to produce a fairway wood with such specs because very few would truly benefit from it.

Callaway has brought back its Steelhead XR fairway woods. It was Callaway‘s most successful fairway wood to date. With a change to the hawk-eye sole, this fairway wood series is not only long but forgiving. In this latest series, Callaway is offering non-professionals more options that any other company. STRONG LOFTED 3 woods and 4 woods. If you just need a little bit more distance from your woods, consider the Steelhead XR rather than making the adjustments that can potentially ruin your game.

This series is also good for players that tend to hit the fairway woods too high, and need a more penetrating ball flight. The Callaway Steelhead XR fairway woods can help the ball cut through the air more.

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