Fourteen Golf Wedges Are Awesome

Fourteen Golf has been around since 1981. Not many people in the USA are familiar with the Japanese brand. The most popular wedges that we sell in the shop are the Titleist SM6 and Cleveland RTX wedges. In my opinion, the Fourteen RM-22 is performs just as well if not, better.

What I like about the Fourteen RM-22 wedges are the black and silver nickel finishes. Rather than the sun glaring in your eyes, the finish will keep that to a minimum.

My friend introduced me to the Fourteen wedges, and I immediately loved the performance I was getting out of it. I could really feel the grooves grabbing the ball. I have never seen a ball check up so hard.

Fourteen Golf RM22 Nickel Black Finish Wedge

The next time you are in the market for a wedge, ask about the Fourteen Golf RM-22.

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