EQUIPMENT SHOCKER: Vertical Groove Driver

Here at Fairway Golf, we have tested the latest and greatest golf products many times. There are very few instances when a new demo impresses us, but the Vertical Groove Driver blew us away.

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Now before you stop reading this blog, hear me out and try not to think of John Daly. 🙂

When I first saw the Vertical Groove Driver (the VGD), I immediately thought, “Wow, just another cheap start-up trying to show that being different is cool.” I mean, vertical grooves on a driver? I imagined the grooves grabbing the ball even harder and promoting a slice or hook.

The second time I saw the VGD was in the hands of the one and only, John Daly. Then I thought, “Wow, they are THAT desperate?”. I’M JUST JOKING. I was actually impressed that a company such as VGD would try to recruit players on any tour. Typically when pros are playing for millions of dollars, they want the most trusted equipment.

After a couples months, I came into the shop and was really shocked that the VGD found its way in front of me. This was the last product I thought would ever make it to the shop. I totally took this driver as a joke, until some of the guys told me how well it performed.

When I put the club at address, it was definitely not 460cc which is what I liked. After a couple of swings, I realized that the guys were not lying and I did gain distance. I gained at least 10 yards. I typically hit 280 yard drives on the monitor, but I was crushing the VGD 296 on average.

I highly suggest trying out the VGD, but have an open mind while testing it.

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