How Bryson Dechambeau’s Equipment Won on the PGA Tour

There are golfers that do not get technical, and there are others that do. We all have met that player that gets intricate with their game, but really has no business doing so. If Bryson DeChambeau was not on the PGA Tour, you would think he is a nut job.

The physics major has broken his golf swing to a science. With all the available swing analyzers, DeChambeau wanted to make the game easier. Most advanced golfers are aware that each club is swung differently, due to the different lengths.

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What Bryson DeChambeau has done is take out the different length factor. Golf already has so many factors, why make it harder having different length for each club. The Cobra One Length irons are all the same length. This allows players to make the same stroke for every player. This idea helped Bryson win the U.S. Amateur and the most recent John Deere Classic.

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I have hit the Cobra One Length irons, and I believe the one length system can work for golfers that struggle with consistency. I hit the 4-iron and the pitching wedge to see if the numbers were correct. To be honest, I hit the PW a little longer than normal. I think if you were interested in the Cobra One Length irons, you would need to make sure that the gapping and lofts between each club are set correctly.

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DeChambeau has the same length from his Cobra One Length 3-iron to his Cobra lob wedge. If you can get over the fact of chipping and pitching with a 7-iron length wedge, this may be the way to go.

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